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    About Me

    My background

    I was raised in Hood River, Oregon.  It is here I started oil painting lessons when I was in third grade.  I continued these in  college where I studied arts eduction and religion.  Don't ask me how they relate to each other!  Ultimately I have been an artist my whole life.

    My experience

    I have run art galleries for 32 years. Now my focus is to be on the other side of the counter as an exhibiting artist.

    My vision

    I love mixed media. I often use Joss papers in my work.  I like giving them a life of their own versus what they were intended for. 

    I use encaustics in my work.  Encaustic is bees wax with  damar resin. The extra layers of wax add depth and luminosity to the pieces.

    When I work, I don't start with a design in mind.  My materials dictate what it will end up being. I enjoy the mystery of it all.

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    Drop us a line! martzmoody@yahoo.com

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    I love company, give a call to schedule a visit to see my latest work.


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